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Some 25 years ago we discovered the Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. As mother and daughter, we developed a shared hobby, namely showing and breeding these wonderful dogs. In 2009, after a break of several years, we decided to pick up where we left off.

In February 2010 our kennel made a new start: after 14 years a litter which dogs bore the name Barr-Dhuine was born once again. We hope that this is the start of a new line of great dogs.

We want to breed in a responsible way, with eye for character and breed type. The health of the Wheaten has a prominent place in all of this.

Our dogs live indoors and puppies are raised and socialised in our house as well. Where possible, we assist the new owners with help and advice. For general information regarding the Wheaten you are more than welcome to contact us. You can find our details under 'Contact'.

Mariella van Niekerk 

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