Our dogs

Our three Wheatens live alongside our family. Three dogs that, aside from the general features of the Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, all have their own specific character.

Maggie is the oldest one. A calm, lovable dog that's at her best when she's together with her own pack. Cautious towards strangers, but once you get to know her a friend for life. A dog with a balanced character and clearly in charge over the other dogs.

Next up is Shanagh. Even now that she's getting somewhat older, she's still the mischievous one. Food is never safe, quite a lot of it has mysteriously disappeared over the years in her presence. At night she secretly sleeps on the couch, with a sigh she gets of when she's caught. But she's oh so sweet.

Charlie was the last one to move in here. Or rather to stay here. As the daughter of Maggie, she was born and raised into our family. An energetic dog that doesn't mind working for you: long walks and running next to a bike are favourites of hers. Only to play a little more when she gets home.




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